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Bandari: Inside These Walls (1992). Mixed chorus and ethnic percussion ensemble, 3-6 players. English and Swahili. Themes of community strengthening and hope. Five mvts: 1. Building Song 2. Kazi ni mzuri kwa roho (Work is Good for the Soul) 3. Inside the Bandari 4. Chucki huchoka (Anger fades) 5. Freedom Come. 24:00.

$10.00 SBMP tape
Commissioned by Capital University, Columbus, OH
(4.00 rental from SBMP)

Building Song from Bandari (1992). SATB, percussion, audience participation. The community builds the Bandari, or safe meeting place, together. This octavo combines mvts. 1 and 2, and is best performed also with Freedom Come (see below).

$1.95 SBMP tape
Commissioned by Capital University, Columbus, OH

Freedom Come (1992). From Bandari. SSATBB, SSAA, TTBB, tenor and or soprano soli, with conga drum. Uplifting, joyous South African-style freedom song. A reconciliation ritual. 5:00, easy-med., any choir interested in human issues.

$1.50 SBMP CD
Commissioned by Capital University, Columbus, OH

From This House (1997). Sequel to Freedom Come. Double choir, mixed voices, solo and percussion, alternates English and Swahili. Takes the strength gathered inside the “Bandari” out into the world: “From this house...to the world...we will go...hand in hand.” 5:00, med.

$1.45 SBMP CD
Commissioned by Wheaton Warrenville South HS, IL

Sahaytah(1990). SSATBB, SSA, or TBB, solo or small group, audience participation, guitar or piano, flexible percussion. The audience will sing back an echo of words or phrases in ten different languages, having to do with peace, community or praise. The first word, Washirika, is Swahili for “congregation.” Words may be omitted and replaced by words of your own choosing to suit your situation or a special event. You may choose to omit the few “sacred” words and replace them with others. You are strongly urged to use the guitar part that is printed in the score.3:00, Easy.

$1.60 Mark Foster
Commissioned by the Northfield (MN) Children’s Chorus

Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu (2002) “Everywhere I walk, there’s no one like Jesus” is sung in Spanish, English, and Nende to celebrate the many connections between West African music and the music of the Caribbean and Central and South America. This ebulliant traditional Zambian melody with light percussion and descant is a real winner with a surprise ending. Ben is proud to be part of the fine Calvin Institute Series with GIA.

$1.40 GIA
Commissioned by the Calvin Institute for Sacred Worship

Walking Songs (2002) SATB. Buddhist, Aborigine, African Bush, and Roman ideas on walking and singing, inspired by Bruce Chatwin’s book, The Songlines. Uses “overtone singing” in the style of the Tibetan monks, like that employed in Sarah Hopkins’ “Past Life Melodies.” This work was premiered before His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the singing Tibetan monks.

$1.60 Thresholds CD
Commissioned by the Hood River Valley (OR) High School

VIDEO: Boniface Mganga and the The Muungano National Choir of Kenya on Iowa Public Television. A beautifully produced multi-camera production with excellent sound engineering. Features performances of 8 Kenyan folk melodies, including: Namuvera Jesu; Vamuvamba; Yesu Wainyanza; Li Munjiru; Malaika; Sigalagala; Shombo; Safari. Many of these titles are available from earthsongs.

$25.00 Thresholds

CASSETTE TAPE: Misa Luba and Ten Kenyan Folk Melodies; Muungano National Choir of Kenya, Boniface Mganga, director. The CD is out of print, and we have stock of some of the only remaining casssette tapes available. Many of these titles are available from earthsongs.

$12.00 Philips

LOOK FOR a Tenth Anniversary Muungano CD in celebration of the 1993 tour which introduced this marvelous choir and their repertoire to the U.S. choral community.








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