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A Gospel-Mighty Fortress (2002) SATB choir and piano. “A Mighty Fortress” in 3/4 GOSPEL STYLE! That’s just the beginning with this arrangement which goes through several Gospel styles and meter changes before returning to 3/4 for the final verse. This is a treatment of all four verses, so it is a longer anthem. For better church, college, school and community choirs.

$2.00 Concordia CD
Commissioned by First Christian Church, Des Moines, IA

DADDY KING: Luther and MLK (2000). A dramatic Oratorio telling the story of how Martin Luther King, Sr. changed his name from Michael Luther King to Martin Luther King after a trip to Germany in 1934. Mike Jr., five years old at the time, became Martin Luther King, Jr. Features a rousing gospel arrangement of A Mighty Fortress Is Our God in 3/4 time (Also published separately by Concordia as “A Gospel-Mighty Fortress”- see above). Much of the melodic material is based on two of Luther’s own chorales, “Out of the Depths” and “From Sorrow Deep.” Baritone solo, soprano solo, tenor solo, choir, piano and organ. 30 mins.
Co-Commissioned by St. John’s Lutheran Church, First Christian Church, Grand View College, all of Des Moines, IA; and Woodbury Lutheran Church, Woodbury, MN.
Thresholds CD

Complete score: 12.95
Choral score with cuts: 5.00
CD: $15.00
Perusal score and CD: $14.00 refundable, plus s/h

Ride It All Aroun’ (1996). Mixed Chorus, solo, and optional audience participation, body percussion, unaccompanied. Call and response echo piece on the Gospel Train. 3:00, med., any good mixed choir.

$1.35 Thresholds CD
Commissioned by Wartburg College, Waverly, IA

Wake Up, Ollie Brown! (1992). Mixed Chorus, baritone, tenor, mezzo soloists, unaccompanied. In the style of the African American “ring-shout.” Some staging suggested. 6:00, difficult, good high school or college choir.

$2.00 SBMP CD
Commissioned by Wartburg College, Waverly, IA









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