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Sahaytah (1990). SSATBB, SSA, or TBB, solo, audience participation, guitar or piano, flexible percussion. The audience will sing back in ten different languages, words or phrases about, peace, community, singing, and praise. Words may be omitted and replaced by words of your own choosing to suit your situation or a special event. You may choose to omit the few “sacred” words and replace them with others. You are strongly urged to use the guitar part that is printed in the score. 3:00, Easy.

$1.60 Mark Foster
Commissioned by the Northfield (MN) Children’s Chorus

Sing! (You Are Surrounded) (2003). SATB double or triple choir, keyboard, percussion, audience. Culture of Peace worldbeat anthem answers the question, “What can one person do to make a difference?” Based on the Six Points of the UNESCO Manifesto2000 Culture of Peace Pledge.

$2.00 Thresholds CD
Commissioned by Kansas City Fine Arts Chorale

Voices in the Light: Hatari (1995). Choir, 2 soloists, keyboard and/or synthesizer, percussion. Two boys, one black, the other white, have an unexpected encounter when enter the pool of light from a streetlamp at the same time. We hear what goes through their minds as they confront their fears and prejudices. 4:00, easy.

$1.80 Thresholds
Commissioned by Mayo High School, Rochester, MN









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